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How To Play

  • Step One
  • Check out the available offers from RevU+ to earn valuable Points.

  • Step Two
  • Every time you complete an offer through RevU+, you not only earn Points, but you increase your standing in the contest.

  • Step Three
  • The top 60 members who earn the most Points throughout the contest will win the prize associated with their position below!

  • Step Four
  • Make sure to bookmark this page and check back every day for new offers, and for special promotions to earn more Points!

  • Step Five
  • Earn as many Points as you can now through December 17, 2021 to earn your share of 500,000 Points!

    Tournament Prizes

    150,000 Points
    75,000 Points
    50,000 Points
    4th Place
    35,000 Points
    5th Place
    25,000 Points
    6th Place
    20,000 Points
    7th-10th Place
    10,000 Points
    11th-20th Place
    5,000 Points
    21st-30th Place
    2,500 Points
    31st-60th Place
    1,000 Points