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Mobile App Monetization

Our custom solutions allows you to monetize ALL of your users. On average, more than 95% of gamers will not purchase virtual currency in a free to play game, but most will complete a free action for currency. We work with you to find a method that makes you the most revenue from your users!

Website Monetization

Our Offerwall offers the best monetization in the industry. With an extremely user friendly and engaging design our partners consistently see higher eCPMs than our competition with an extremely high user retention rate!

Custom Monetization

If you have traffic that you need to monetize and one of our solutions is not a perfect fit,our account managers can work with you to create the perfect solution. With one the largest inventory of advertisers in the industry we can create something that is a perfect fit for your audience.

What We Do

Revenue Universe is far more than a traditional CPA Network. With over 10 years under our belt, our expertise is pairing publishers and advertisers together.


Aquire New Customers

With thousands of publishers, we have an unprecedented reach and can reach millions of unique users within hours. No matter how big or small your budget it, we can get you the most new customers at the best value!

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Monetize Your Traffic

Our dedicated account managers will help you maximize revenue! We work individually with each publisher to determine the best solution to generate the most revenue while keeping users happy!

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We help grow your business by generating new, quality customers through our network of publishers.

By partnering with Revenue Universe, your offer is immediately available on thousands of websites upon launch. Unlike traditional CPA Networks we have a large publisher base that use our monetization tools, so when you launch you immediately begin seeing new customers. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to meet your budget and pacing needs, ensuring you receive the best value for your dollar, and at the speed you want customers delivered!

High Quality Customers

Advanced Targeting System

State-Of-The-Art Fraud Filters

Quick Delivery of Customers

No Budget Too Big or Small


We help you monetize your traffic without being a nuisance to your users!

With over 10 years of experience, Revenue Universe is a team of monetization experts and we prove it by generating more revenue per user than any other solution. Our line up of monetization products allows you to pick exactly the right fit for your website or game. With dedicated account managers who are available around the clock we are there to help you succeed and make more revenue from your users, while leaving them with a positive experience!

Dedicated Account Manager

On Time Monthly Payments

Quick and Easy Integration

Large Selection of Offers

All Countries Available

The Revenue Universe Offerwall

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